Laura and Cliff


On the left is me, Laura – and on my right, my husband Cliff.

I kept my maiden name, Sidsworth, as my children Cassie and Lizzie share that name.

Cliff’s children carry the Lloyd name, and sometimes we combo it up and call ourselves the Lloyds-Worths.

We have two Cassandra’s, so it especially helps that they each have a different last name for themselves.

Alex Lloyd is the boy in the family who currently is living the big-city-life experience in New York City – Brooklyn, to be exact. We are hopeful that one day he may move back,  but as parents we’ve come to learn that everyone travels their own paths – as far and wide as that may be.

Cliff was born and raised in New York, so maybe the boy is tracing his father’s path in a way.

I was born in Chicago and have lived in some big cities too – like Toronto, Austin, the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

Truth be told, when I first moved to Fresno after my divorce, I told myself I probably wouldn’t be staying for long. That was 24 years ago!

Over the years, we have realized that Fresno has actually been very, very good to us. We’ve found that this is probably one of the best home-bases anyone could be privileged to call home – anywhere in the world!

And yes, as humans, we are always thinking – what’s out there, where is the grass greener – and is grass even a smart choice anymore in the State of California? Like others, we’ve gone exploring, and working in real estate – we hear about people who try other places like Oregon for instance, only to find that a lot of the time – they move back!

This past fall we visited family in New York, Wisconsin and Chicago. While fall may be beautiful there, and the drought has not affected those States as badly as California has suffered, we just can not see weathering their cold winters. It’s almost April now and still snowing there!

Yes – Fresno is getting busier, but that’s how a City maintains its jobs – it’s growth. Cliff and I are able, as anyone can, to travel to Los Angeles and San Francisco, and enjoy everything those great cities have to offer. When we come back home to our much quieter Fresno however, we sigh with relief and contentedness that we still reside in a relatively peaceful town.

I love those parts of town where our dog can lead us along paths that are still lightly traveled, on which we can breathe, and stretch, and feel as big and as roomy as the sky.

The weather here too is just ideal – having lived in the Bay Area – it’s nice to not need the light jacket on a summer night. The night-life here on a cafe patio, or lounging poolside with friends is simply idyllic.

This Valley does get hot, but never sweaty stick-to-you hot like in Texas, Florida, Mexico, Georgia, and many other places, like even New York does in the summer months.

In Fresno and our other Valley cities, we really live in an area of such great riches: bounteous farmlands, diverse cultures, our weather that allows us to enjoy the outdoors virtually all year long; and our proximity to nearby lakes, mountains, forests and fairly quick jaunts to snow-skiing, or beaches – we really have it all!

And because we live in one of the most inexpensive areas in all of California, when we are wanting different experiences, most can afford a road trip, or a flight to an exotic port. I am always amazed to learn how well-traveled the people are in our Valley!

Do you know that the average price of a home now in the Bay Area is roughly a million dollars? And that rents are outta-control-crazy? That, obviously, can lead to a lot of stress and angst – whereas here in Fresburg, we can be a lot more chill and have time and the money – for our hobbies and our creative sides!

It’s with that in mind, and having met so many amazingly creative people in our day-to-day dealings that we decided to launch this website to provide a place to showcase new and emerging talent, and to give a voice to those who otherwise may not be heard.

The old-school ways of marketing are not working anymore so we thought to create a way for people to learn about each other’s new ideas, services, and delightful, artful presentations of life here in the Valley!

If you are a local author, artist, musician, photographer, restaurateur, or entrepreneur – and would like to share your work with us and your fellow citizens, email us with your details – and be prepared to share links, pics, and a plus – a nice discount (BOGOS or contests)  for your new clients.

Your features will be presented under either FRESH & LOCAL (Faces & Places) or ALL YOU! (Your Content Here.)

Our other categories will feature TRENDS, interesting real estate stories in TELL ALL, EXCLUSIVES (listings you get first dibs on as subscribers – they are usually not in MLS yet, and can save you and our sellers $$$) CONTESTS – our own fun pictures with cool prizes, and other locally shared raffles/contests… And, a RANDOM category where you might find a cool song or video, or whatever happens to catch our fancy!

We hope this website entertains, finds its followers, and helps connect people and places!

To enjoying FRESburg & Beyond!

Laura & Cliff