1 All In One Pets

This little kitten was born at an RV park here in town at Sierra & Blackstone.


A kindly gentleman, Raymond, rescued the all-black Mama cat, creating a home for her and her kittens-to-be, outside his mobile home.

After the kittens were born, as they grew – so did his concern for them, as they continuously challenged their boundaries.

He set up a large outdoor room by day with temporary fencing – and soon many residents were enjoying watching the kittens play in the warm autumn sun.

At night they slept in a large wooden box kept warm with many blankets and their exceptional mama (named Sweetie by my mom) who was very friendly and watchful.

My mom decided to adopt the Mama cat; my daughter Lizzie adopted an all-black kitten; friend Dana adopted a Calico; and one is currently being fostered by my daughter Cassandra – who is deciding whether it will co-habitate well with her other pets. 

That left the last one pictured above, who needed to find a new home fast – as Raymond could not keep it from constantly challenging and escaping from barriers he had to add daily – as he feared it would get hurt in the busy RV park!

That’s when I reached out for help to one of my favorite locally-owned (not a big chain) pet stores – All in One Pets – formerly known as Jeff’s Pet Depot, at First & Nees in Fresno.

2 All In One Pets

7711 North First Street
(559) 439.7387
Mon. – Sat. (9a.m. – 8 p.m.)
Sunday – (10 a.m. – 6 p.m.)


Owner Jeff Racht was kind enough to take the kitten in, even refusing my offer of paying for it’s food! He helps out the community occasionally on a case-by-case, pre-approved basis by taking them in to sell…but had me sign an agreement stating I would take the kitten back if it did not find a home in an appropriate amount of time.

We were all very lucky as the kitty sold in the first 24 hours to a gentleman who wanted another kitten for his wife – they had gotten their previous kitten there as well!

*Newer regulations in place to keep puppy mills in check have now banned the sale of puppies in most pet stores – in most cases only the S.P.C.A. and rescue agencies are hosted by large-chain Pet Stores on “adoption days.”

3 All In One Pets

Super helpful, friendly employees like Katie, pictured here – are well-informed as to what your pet might need!

4 All In One Pets

One on-line reviewer gave five stars, stating…”they carry top-of-the-line, high-protein foods like Evo, Innova, Legacy, Blue Wilderness (part of the Blue Buffalo line)…and have a full-service groomer there.”


They actually now have three full-time groomers on site, Pam, Laurie, and Lisa, who can take care of all of your pet’s grooming needs.

All in One also carries a full line of pet foods, treats, toys and standard accessories like leashes, fish aquarium products and new & improved items – like a self-warming pet bed I bought for my two cats at home- which they were in love with instantly! (The bed was priced slightly less than I found at a competitor’s store.)

They carry a new kitty litter designed to eliminate all ammonia odors – one of two types is lightly scented with a calming lavender scent – and the bag is ergonomically designed with three handles for easier lifting and pouring.

5 All In One Pets

6 All In One Pets

While not selling puppies, reptiles or fish – they do sell hamsters, feeder mice, and guinea pigs, and individual betta fish.

7 All In One Pets

Do stop by if looking for a kitten to adopt, these kittens are played with and handled regularly by the kind employees who work there, helping greatly to socialize these sweeties!