My favorite retreat to beat the heat; getting a facial at Facelogic in Clovis. I snapped some pics of the dark treatment room to show how luxurious their chairs and spa area was, but it was so subdued, and barely lit…my cell could not pick up the pics!

Management was so nice, they gave me a free gift card for a $75.00 facial – so one of our lucky subscribers can enjoy one of – if not the best – facial in these here parts! Just click on the post, make a comment at the end, and include the first four letters of your email so when I draw a lucky recipient, I will know who you are & how to reach you!

 The day I was there a man and his wife were both having appointments, so men, you too can enter!

1 facelogic store front

Facelogic Spa – 605 West Herndon #600


2 facelogic best day spa plaque

3 facelogic front desk

Welcoming guests to the front desk:  Cassie K.


4 eminence sign in store window

5 Limited time sale

6 Red currant exfoliating cleanser

My favorite exfoliator –  I have been using this very product for at least 5 years, and two other members of my family use it after having tried it. I treat family members with gift cards for facials so they have tried and buy their own products too, now.


7 vital c

I have used Vitamin C on my skin every day for the last 15 years; this particular brand, like the last 5 years. I can vouch for less wrinkles and sun damage when using topical Vitamin C – it is one of only two anti-aging treatments that the skin-care medical community agrees actually work!


8 coconut age corrective moisturizer

This is a recent purchase, I tried a sample and really loved the rich, creamy, yummy smell of coconut – it is deeply intensive as a night cream.


Facelogic works much like Massage Envy, in fact one is right next door – in that you can become a member to save money if you regularly get facials each month.

An example of prices:  the guest cost (non-member) price of the Signature Facial we are giving away is $75.00 – for members that cost would be only $55.00.

*During the rest of July, non-members can take $10.00 off their guest rates, for facials – and can enjoy an add-on service of extending your facial to include your neck, shoulders and upper chest (the décolleté area) for only $15.00 for members, and $20.00 for non-members.

Additionally, there are great products on sale, including summer skin care – whereby if you buy two Eminence products, as a member save 15%, and 10% off for non-members of any sun-care product.

When it comes to recommending any of their aestheticians, I would definitely say they are all equally good, as they seem to have learned quite a lot within the Spa’s definition of a facial. You will note immediately the difference in customer care when you receive warm, comfortable care in a cool, sublime environment. The music, the soft voices, the massages that go along with the facial! Arms, hands, neck, scalp, shoulders! It is a heavenly experience that you simply must try prior to becoming an immediate convert! 

To make an appointment, call 559.324.7546 or visit their web page @

I have been a client of theirs for Y E A R S, and per my current ideologies pertaining to payment for posts – there simply is none. I wholeheartedly recommend this establishment – and have received no payment for writing this post! 😊

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