Contest hands graphic


We fondly recall old-fashioned ones from back-in-the-day, and want you to have just as much fun!

Our contest will be called:  

What? Where? When?

Each contest consists of one picture and you will need to tell us one of the following:

WHAT is it?

WHERE is it?

(or the hardest category of all!)

WHEN is it? (the Year,the Month, the Day, or the Time)

Our first pic shown here falls into the WHERE Category. All you have to do is name the place this scene can be found!

The prize for this blog contest post will be a shared outing with your hosts, Laura & Cliff – (everything is a mystery on this one, including the prize description!)

*Hint:   Most all contest pictures will be anchored within our greater valley region.

Email your answer to by May 31st, 2017! The winner will be announced in our next post! In case there is more than one entry which gives the correct answer, the entries will be collected together and the winning entry will be selected at random.

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