Fishing With Papa painting


Fishing with Papa

Early yawns – it’s dawn.
Cool air lingers upon darkened lake.
Shadows lurk beneath
water wetly lapping at
the wooden feet of the pier.
Echoing sounds
of plink and plunk
splash against aluminum boats
farther off – afloat.
Wooden hulls splash differently,
sounds of dink and dunk
upon gently rocking boats.

The sun slowly rises,
warming hearts to its charms.
Light pinks and orange
light the way to brilliant day….
Breaths are held and caught
by a fishing line cast out –
both are let out, and brought in again….
Responding circles on the water’s surface
ripple out and about.
Peaceful and quiet is this day at the lake
but for small splashing sounds
plink and plunk, and dink and dunk
an occasional gasp – and small shout
with the jump and a splish…
of a fish caught at last,
by someone’s best cast.


Painting by Joni Anttila of Arnold, California.

Written by Laura Sidsworth of Fresno, California.

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