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Get Fit/Learn defense from Kung Fu Master Mundy Ontiveros!

We all could probably use help on sticking with our diets and fitness goals – so what better way to get in shape than by also learning a helpful skill?

Depending on what you focus on with super-cool dude Mundy Ontiveros, you could also gain skills that could help deter would-be attackers!

Along with a friend, Ontiveros recently opened a fitness studio (Alliance Personal Training) at 5677 Fresno Street, Suite 103 in Fresno.

Ontiveros focuses on “Kickboxing for Fitness & Defense.”

Armed with a 1st-degree black sash (belt) in Wing Chun Kung Fu, he can also break down skills especially geared for street fighting – using his favorite martial artists’ tools (like Jeet Kun Do, aka ‘sticky fingers’ and Wing Chun) that he gleaned from studying his personal hero, Bruce Lee.

Born and raised in Kingsburg, Mundy started training at thirteen. He began practicing kickboxing at twenty-five, and still does it four times a week for his own fitness, as well as to spar with local U.F.C. contenders!

Most of his clients still focus on the basics:  weight loss, cardio conditioning, and weight training.

Working with an array of clients, he introduces all kinds of exercises and techniques suitable for everyone:  like self-defense classes for a past women’s boot camp in Sanger – or volunteering his services to the ‘Greater Fresno Parkinson’s Group,’ which meets on Tuesdays in Clovis.

The latter take the boxing class to regain balance and strength and have found that it improves memory as well! Some of the ‘students’ in the class are up to eighty-years of age!

So if they can do it…

On being fit, Mundy likes to say “Keep your engine clean – 80% is your diet.” Besides nutritional advice and weight management that a client may need, he will also boost morale and give pep-talks if you reach out for support via texts!

Once you meet Mundy and see what a great guy he is – you will appreciate the personal connection and support he readily offers!

What motivates him is his wife and children- and for them he gives 100%! He was raised to appreciate every opportunity, so he takes them – and can offer you this can-do spirit too!

Kick it up and Mundy and Kat

Mundy & Kat working on techniques:  “We need to have a big advantage over big dudes!”

On hearing she wanted to learn purely street fighting tactics…Mundy offered his beginners tips:  “The first advantage seems easy, but not many people do it – be aware of your surroundings! Be aware, pick your head up, look around always…then we will work on getting you your edge – develop a strength that will work for you.”

Studio & equipment…

Mention FRESburg and receive these rates for all new clients!

Schedule a complimentary session first to see what Mundy can offer you –

Reduced rates thereafter are per hourly session…

Per hour:  $30.00
Buddies/Couples:  $45.00

Standard already reduced rates:
Military/Police:  $30.00
Student athletes:  $30.00
Parkinson’s patients/caregivers:  $20.00

Mundy can be contacted via Alliance’s website @ or by being called directly @ 559.905.7959

Mundy can also be found on Thumbtack under *Personal Training*Martial Arts/Self defense*Nutrition