“As I sit here and observe this world, I sometimes find myself attaching to certain ideas. Ideas that destroy. Ideas that create. Destructive perceptions leading to recycling interpretations of the funks and jumps of life. On one side you have love, peace, harmony, of course. The caterpillars 🐛 carrying their joy, greeting you at every turn. Jumping and flowing as the flowers 🌺 vibrate their colorful frequencies, showing you that everything is O.K. The music playing in the distance, filling you up with the calmness and rawness of the unexpected notes, blessing your ears. 🎼

The light, protecting and fighting for the beauty to be seen by the naked eye. Now what would the light be without the knowing of darkness? As the black eyes of hate, fear, and pain wash over me, I observe, yet mistake myself to be when I am to branch out a new arm. My heart feeling as if it were placed in the inferno of penetrating arrows.

As I demand the doves come back, I plant seeds for the vultures to feast. The uncertain eyes now sprouting, seeking answers from the outside. Yet what the eyes can see, the roots have known. My roots have spread far and wide searching for this balance. The balance of the light and the dark. Passing through the leafy sea dragons attempting to connect but being splattered, redirected by the octopi. 🐙 The school of fish rushing to get to one spot, yet one who has knowledge rarely falls into this collective ego trap. The one who has grounded her roots into the balance of life now knows her actualized self. Finally one with the soul of the world.” – Anna Marie Cardona

This recent Bullard grad, who has been drawing since she was five years old, hopes that this sketch “conveys the importance of truly knowing who you are, deeply. Mentally, emotionally, spiritually, knowing all these unique qualities before asking other individuals to label you as a machine, or a tool to be used by. Getting the word out there that we are able to ground our roots just as the baby sapling does before it sprouts out any beautiful flowers.”

Anna participates in Art Hops, and recently started working with acrylic paints – which led her to being hired to work on a mural for the children’s room at Internacional Church Casa de Fuego on 4944 E. Clinton – they have a service there every Sunday at 11 a.m., she says, saying “God is beautiful 😊 .”

Miss Cardona is also working on a commercial mural for an online web series called “The Alien,” which can be found at http://www.revolierfilms.com/

This sketch will be converted into prints sized at 4 X 5, and are great to keep on hand as a daily motivational mantra! They will be signed and she is selling them at seven dollars each plus five dollars for shipping and handling. Her Instagram page is @annasvibenarts and her FB link is https://www.facebook.com/annasvibenarts