In my exploration of Kingsburg last week, I came upon a FSBO (For Sale By Owner) of a tiny home on the waterfront of the King’s River in Riverland Park.


Kingsburg FSBO 1

~Here is owner’s Camarillo phone number & current asking price.~


Kingsburg FSBO 2

This is the cottage or tiny home – also known as a Park Model home in that they have wheels so they can be sold as RV’s in a sense & can be put up more or less permanently on lots that otherwise one could not obtain a building permit to do so.


Kingsburg FSBO 3

~Side view (has screened in porch) right on the River~


Kingsburg FSBO 4

~Close-up of screened porch, clean river views~


Kingsburg FSBO 5

A beautiful overcast day with rain sprinkles in August! Clear-looking water!


Kingsburg FSBO 6

The owners told me this when I called:
This swimming pool is used by them, as well as a playground area, and nearby restrooms with hot/cold showers they send guests to.

The space rent is a separate fee from buying the cottage outright (the $35K or best offer) and is currently $406.00 per month – which includes water, trash & a drive-by 3 times a week from a sump pump.

Electricity & propane the “tenant” pays themselves…& they have an original A/C unit, as well as a second window unit.

The “lease” they have is a “13-year remaining lease” but the person taking over could live there, on the River, full-time – and is the cheapest rent I’ve seen these days.

Additionally, there is a cap of some kind, & it was just recently raised from $395.00 or so, so shouldn’t rise for a bit.

Any, all information should be obtained through the owner’s & management of Riverland Park. It is gated at entrance to park, & then gated again at entrance to these units. There is also a bar & grill on the park grounds for entertainment, socializing & food!

I just thought this would make a great writing studio, or retirement place, or fun boating vacay-spot for a single, or couple!

This is a For Sale By Owner – any/all information to be verified by others – we are not representing this listing in any way, shape or form! Direct all calls to number in photo, thanks!