Pearl Tea House Smoothies

At the Pearl Tea House, open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday, enjoy “Original and unique Pearl (tapioca/boba) tea drinks, smoothies, slushies and a full line of premium graded teas.”


My favorite for beating this heat:  the Pina Colada slushies! The ice is the super-fine, melts in your mouth kind – super awesome…and if you take yours home, and add fruit-flavored rum – Bam! You feel like you can actually beat this heat! 

There are tons and tons of flavors (cameras are not allowed – so said a sign) but some Yelp favorites are the Taro slush, green apple, cantaloupe, and others.

The mini and regular-sized boba are the tapioca “pearls” added to the drink at your request. You may also request less sugar, or sweeten it up to your liking. For my drinks I ask for the lowest sugar, and they taste perfectly sweet – and I wonder how anyone would want it sweeter!

You may also call in an order in advance, as the drinks are hand-made each time to perfection, and therefore, as it is usually fairly busy, you may have a small wait for your order.

Visit soon to beat back this heat!

The Pearl Tea House is located at 2663 East Shaw Avenue #107, Fresno, California, 93710.

To call in an order:  559.291.1899